Video Production. Evolved.

Falkenberg Productions Inc. is a creative digital studio focussed on digital video content and professional video production with a love for motion graphics, based in Toronto, Canada.

All from the world of film and television, we work with an accredited crew who love a cinematic challenge. Whether we are shooting a Corporate Video for a Fortune 500 company, creating a Facebook ad for an e-commerce start-up or re-branding an online video streaming service, we do it because we love what we do and we are great at it!

 Under the leadership of our principal producer, who has 20 years of industry experience, we are committed to managing our clients’ projects with a seamless production workflow, an emphasis on meaningful collaboration and great client support.

We value and appreciate the relationships we have built with our partners. They are experts in what they do – and in the end experience does matter!

When a style evolution intersects a tech revolution you get visual experiences that move you.

Falkenberg Productions Inc. - Vision Statement


Keep calm and carry on. We've got this!

Video Production

Professionally Accredited Film Crew,
Multiple Cameras and Lighting
Sound Engineer
Production Management
Video Editing

Creative Digital

Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
3D Graphics, GIFs,
Photo Retouching,
Graphic Animations
Title Openers and Subtitles

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy,
Digital Video Marketing,
Content Management,
Facebook/Instagram Ads,
Video Ads

Web Design

Web Content Management,
Web Design,
Digital Video Cover,
Search Engine Optimization,


Video Production Management

Production Services. Integrated.

Understanding the art of digital storytelling, the impact of design and the formatting of video for multiple social media platforms is only the beginning. Solving our customers’ problems has earned us their trust; however, surpassing their expectations is what has won us their confidence and loyalty.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Content. Solved.

We make interactions on your social media accounts relevant and personalized with an emphasis on creative and stylized content. Campaigns are strategically crafted to produce a digital presence that smashes it. Our multimedia and digital storytelling skills deliver an effective marketing advantage when combined with audience insights.

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Social Media Marketing


Web Design

Web Content. Optimized.

We keep you up-to-date, trendy and part of the conversation so you can interact with new customers, improve your ranking and get found more easily. With a mobile-friendly site more customers are going to be able to call you, book an appointment and pay you online.

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Mobile phone web design Falkenberg Productions




Add creative energy to your video with playful GIFs, animated typography and dynamic 2D and 3D graphics. Highlight the benefits and features in your brand’s campaign story with customized graphics.


We excel in combining live action, motion graphics and visual effects for a video that enhances the customer experience. The vision and voice of your brand’s story captured, edited and formatted for multiple platforms.

Wow! That’s fantastic!

John C. - Yelp Marketing Account Manager

THANK YOU Tory. As always a short timeframe and as always you come through.

Alison S. - Senior Manager

Thanks so much for all of your hard work with the videos! ... I felt a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude to everyone who came together to meet this tight deadline.

Sophia M. - Senior Manager, Avdice & Solutions


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Understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words, but by reading images.

– Dr. Paul Martin Lester,

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